St. Nicholas United Methodist Church
Monday, July 13, 2020


Administrative Council

Susan Hanna-Chairperson
Barbara Boucher-Recording Secretary        
Lay Member-Annual Conference- Marge Sullivan        
Altar Committee

Anna Shaheen-Co-Chairperson
Worship & Music
Anna Shaheen, Maureen Connolly

Finance Committee

Susan Hanna,Jean Muncy, Marjorie Sullivan

 Religious Education Committee

S.P.R.C.- SPRC meets the First Wednesday of the month at 7PM.

Jonathan Burdick-Chairperson,
Anna Shaheen, Pat Perez, Susan Hanna, Fred Slinger

Board of Trustees

Joshua Sullivan
Lay Leadership Committee
Pastor David Weekley-Chairperson,
Marge Sullivan-Lay Leader

Web Site Committee

Maureen Connolly-Chairperson/Web Site Administrator
Marge Sullivan-Assistant Administrator