About St. Nicholas

These are exciting times at St. Nicholas. Over the last year our congregation has been growing in many ways with new members joining, baptisms happening, the appointment of a new pastor, and old friends returning. But most importantly of all is what has stayed the same: God’s faithfulness and grace. There are several ways to establish a relationsip with this church and discover if it will be a meaningful way for you to seek and celebrate God in your life. 1. Join us for weekly worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. The service includes hymn singing, scripture reading, preaching, sharing of our joys and concerns, praying, and (on most Sundays) communion. 2. On Monday nights, come to Bible Study at 7:00 pm. In the last year we have read Ephesians, 1 & 2 Samuel, The Gospel According to Mark, Michah, much of the Psalms, and some other texts as well. This is a great chance to learn about the Bible, the Christian faith and other theological questions. The atmosphere is relaxed and people come from many different faith practices (Judaism, Catholicism, or no religion at all). 3. Contact the pastor (email, phone, or find him of facebook) if you would like to talk about any questions you have. 4. Pray about it. Search your soul with the help of the Holy Spirit to see if your God is inviting you to join the faith community in some way. You are invited to participate in the life of this congregation. We look forward to the participation, questions, leadership and prayers that only you can bring.