Administrative Council
Chairperson: Susan Hanna
Athena Fazio
Sue Zola

Lay Leader
Stephanie Creech

Chair Persons:
Mary Ann Cloherty and Athena Fazio
2020: Helen Waldorf and Athena Fazio
2021: Rod Fuqua and Karen Pitrolo
2022: Mary Ann Cloherty and Ken Hoagland

Chairperson: Marjorie Sullivan
2020: Marjorie Sullivan and Jean Hoagland
2021: Susan Hanna and Pat Perez and Kristin Parks
2022: Anna Shaheen and Fred Slinger

SPRC meets the First Wednesday of the month at 7PM.

Finance Committee
Accountant: Carol Webb
Secretary: Marjorie Sullivan
2020: Jean Muncy and James Pitrolo Jr
2021: Diane Fazio and Jean Conway
2022: Susan Hanna and Marjorie Sullivan

Music Director
Maureen Connolly

Lay Member to Annual Conference
Marjorie Sullivan
Kristin Parks

Lay Speaker, Lay Member
Alan McCall